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A few weeks ago, Stephanie and I (Amanda) heard about a new company, The Honest Company, from one of our baby planner friends, Shannon Choe with Premier Baby Concierge in Philadelphia.  Shannon had the opportunity to travel to New York City to attend The Honest Company’s launch party.  The Honest Company was started by actress Jessica Alba and Christopher Gavigan, author of Healthy Child Healthy World to create products that are “not only effective, but unquestionably safe, eco-friendly, convenient and affordable.”

We have been using Earth’s Best diapers for my daughter, Maggie, for years, and have been very happy with the product.  She is very prone to diaper rash, and since I never could quite get the hang of cloth diapering, I found this to be a happy medium.  I was, however, intrigued with the idea of The Honest Company, so last week I signed up for their free (+ $4.99 shipping) trial kit, just to test them out.  In my trial kit came 5 diapers, 10 wipes, and 5 trial-sized baby and household products.  I have yet to use the trial baby products, but did use all 5 diapers and wipes. I thought I would share with you our experience and some of my thoughts.

First off, let’s start with the completely superficial; the packaging is super cute.  You can also tell they are doing their best to reduce the amount of packaging, and therefore reduce the amount of waste associated with the product.  Unlike regular diapers, these diapers have super cute designs.  With the trial pack, I got one or two of each girl design, but I think if you are to place an order you can choose which designs you like best.  I wasn’t a huge fan of the ice cream cone design (something about mixing images of soft serve with baby poop just doesn’t go together for me), but the pink, purple and yellow flowers I thought were ADORABLE.  A very small, but worth mentioning critique, was that there was no marking to distinguish between the front and back of the diaper as there is on the Earth’s Best.  This caused both my husband and I to try to put the diaper on backwards several times, which was a little annoying, especially with a squirmy toddler.

As for the performance of the diaper, I have to say I am impressed.  I have always been pleased with the Earth’s Best diapers, and found The Honest Company diapers to be just as good (but not noticeably better either).  Maggie was able to overflow a bit on one or two overnights, but we have the same problem with the Earth’s Best.  I guess that is the price to pay with a daughter who drinks water like she just left the desert.

When it comes to how safe and eco-friendly the diapers are, I think The Honest Company gets the nod.  Both diapers are chlorine free (the most important thing I have found to look for), but The Honest Company diapers are free of petro-chemicals when the Earth’s Best diapers say they are “made with fewer petro-chemicals.”  The Earth’s Best diapers are free of latex, dyes and perfume, whereas The Honest Company diapers are free of “perfume, phthalates, lotions, optical brighteners, PVC, heavy metals and organotins (MBT, DBT, TBT).”   I will not claim to know what all of that means, but I guess less is more in this case.  Let’s not pretend these are cloth diapers, they will still end up in a landfill somewhere, but I guess we should be as careful as possible.  The Honest Company diapers do claim to be “Naturally biodegradable,” so that is a start at least.

Since I was just as happy with The Honest Company diapers as I am with the Earth’s Best, it all came down to a matter of price.  The Honest Company claims their diapers are affordable, but I busted out the excel spreadsheet to do a real calculation.  The Honest Company diapers are shipped to you once a month at $79.95 for a “Diaper Bundle.”  This includes 186 (Size 4) diapers, and 4 packs of 80 count wipes.  In my experience, this is just about enough (if not more) to get through one month with a 23 month old.  This bundle requires a $4.99 shipping charge. The Honest Company diapers are only available through subscription and you cannot purchase more or less, just the monthly bundle.  On the contrary, I drive to Babies R Us to get my Earth’s Best diapers.  These are really the only things I go to Babies R Us for anymore, since the rest of Maggie’s things can easily be purchased elsewhere.  This means an extra trip out of my way at least once a month.  I pay 8.75% sales tax at the Oklahoma City location.  The Earth’s Best diapers are sold in a box with 64 diapers for $21.99.  The frequently received 20% off coupons at Babies R Us are not good on diapers.  The wipes are sold in a 72 wipe pack for $3.79 each.

The easiest way to do the calculation was to find the price per unit for the Earth’s Best diapers and wipes and multiply that by the number of diapers and wipes that come in a The Honest Company diaper bundle.  With tax, the Earth’s Best diapers came out to $0.37/diaper and $0.057/wipe.  Multiply that by the 186 diapers and 320 wipes that come in The Honest Company bundle, and you would be paying $87.82 for the same amount of product at the Babies R Us Earth’s Best prices.  Even adding the $4.99 shipping cost to the $79.95 bundle, The Honest Company comes out $2.88 ahead, not including the price of gas to get to the store.

With all this said, I think I will give The Honest Company diaper bundle a thumbs up.  We will probably continue to use their product in our home unless I begin to feel differently.  And any product that is delivered right to my door without me having to do anything gets bonus points from me.  Us moms (and dads!) can use all the help we can get, right?

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  1. Thanks so much for the thoughtful review! I’m going to let our product development team know about your feedback regarding marking the front and back of the diaper – excellent recommendation! Also, we’re working on an online store so in the very near future, people will be able to buy individual items (for those who don’t want to commit to the monthly subscription.)

    Our M.O. is to constantly improve, so your comments truly are helpful! Please let us know if you ever have any other feedback or ideas!

    Thanks again and have a wonderful day!

    Janelle Sorensen
    Communications Manager
    The Honest Company

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